What are some common teeth whitening myths?

Discoloration of teeth can be embarrassing and would often keep you from smiling as much as you want to. Though you brush your teeth regularly, you could be suffering from discolored teeth due to food habits like coffee, tea, red wine, nicotine, or certain medications. Here are some common misconceptions on the concept of teeth whitening. – Whitening Toothpastes are as better as other treatments Of course, some toothpaste contains Continue Reading;

More Myths About Dental Implants Debunked!

People suffering from tooth loss problems are increasingly considering dental implants. In order to be assured that dental implants are an ideal treatment choice, one must get the facts right. Read on to find out some common misconceptions about getting dental implants and the truth behind them. Myth 1: Dental implants are not for the aged No one can be too old for dental implants! People as old as 90 Continue Reading;

Are you affected by Computer Vision Syndrome?

Caught amidst the digital revolution, the first part of our body that falls victim to the overuse of computers and other digital devices is the eye. Computer Vision Syndrome, also referred to as CVS, is the stress experienced by the eyes due to prolonged use of mobile phones, e-readers, tablets, or computers. If your job demands work with computers and other digital devices every day and you are experiencing one Continue Reading;

Some Lesser Known Facts about Physiotherapy

We all have at least one family member who has undergone physiotherapy treatment for healing an ailment. Some of us may have been involved in physiotherapy treatments ourselves. From sport injuries to chronic pain issues, Perth based physiotherapy centers offer relief to a number of problems. Listed below are some interesting facts about physiotherapy that everyone must know 1) Physiotherapy and physical therapy are one and the same thing A Continue Reading;

3 Benefits of Hiring a Mobile Massage Therapist

Massage in any form helps to relieve the body where adequate pressure applied makes you feel relaxed and aids in soothing any pain in your body. Professional massage can soothe the emotions, heal the body, clear the mind, and enlighten the spirit. There are various types of massage available and depending on the need for the body or the amount of pain you experience, you can avail the therapies. Massage Continue Reading;

How to Stop Grinding Teeth at Night

People usually clench and grind their teeth from time to time. Grinding your teeth rarely, do not cause any damage, but when teeth grinding become a habit, the teeth can be damaged and many other dental complications may arise. Why Do People Grind Their Teeth? The main cause of teeth grinding can be anxiety and stress, but when it occurs during your sleep, it may be caused by missing or Continue Reading;

How Early Dental Check-ups Improves Your Kids Oral Health

Getting a healthy teeth and gum requires a lifetime of personal and professional care. Scheduling childhood dental checkups and starting a good oral hygiene at a very early stage is crucial to maintain a good oral health for a lifetime. Today, more people are keen on getting a dental appointment for their children around or before their first birthday. Here we have provided the many benefits of getting a regular Continue Reading;

Causes and Reasons of Bad Breath

Did you know 99% of bad breath cases are due to an imbalance of the bacteria living in the mouth and throat? It can be best treated by detoxifying and cleaning the bio film and bacteria in the mouth followed by a re-colonization with good pro-biotics designed to live on the tongue. Dealing with bad breath can be depressing! Feeling of negligence, missing jobs, alienating from your co-workers, struggling with Continue Reading;

Tips to maintain the health of Dental implants

Dental implant is your perfect solution for replacing missed teeth. It helps to restore the functioning of your teeth and also maintain your facial look. However, A failed dental restoration can be very frustrating because of the high dental implants cost and the complexity involved in it. Here are some tricks that ensures the well-being of your implants, – The success of the dental implants in Sydney depends very much Continue Reading;

Common Misconceptions about Sports Massage Therapy

Many individuals (including those related and unrelated to sports and athletics) consider sports massage therapy as a part of their wellness routine and enjoy the multiple benefits of the healthy practice. However, there is another section of people who refrain from embracing the concept of sports massage and consider it as something irrelevant to their lifestyle. The most common reason behind this indifference is the list of baseless myths surrounding Continue Reading;