What Unnatural Outbound Link Penalties Could Mean for the Future of SEO

¬† As SEOs, we often find ourselves facing new changes implemented by the search engines influencing how our clients’ sites perform in the SERPs. With each change, it is important that we look beyond its immediate impact and reflect on its future implications so that we can try to answer this question: “If I were Google, why I do this” Recently, Google implemented a series of manual penalties that affected Continue Reading;

All About App Search: Indexing, Ranking Factors, Universal Links, and More – Whiteboard Friday

App search is growing and changing, and there are more opportunities than ever to both attract customers at the top of the funnel and keep them in the background. In particular British Whiteboard Friday today, Tom Anthony and Will Critchlow of Distilled dig into any app search and highlight a future where Google may have some competition as the giant search engine. App Search Whiteboard Click the image above to Continue Reading;

A JSON-LD guide for beginners

The views of the author are entirely his own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. What is JSON-LD? JSON-LD is synonymous with JavaScript object notation for linked data, which consists of multidimensional arrays (think: list of attribute-value pairs). It is an implementation format for structuring data similar to Microdata and RDFa. Typically, in terms of SEO, JSON-LD is implemented using the Continue Reading;

Discover the many benefits and advantages of using a waist trainer

You take great pride in your appearance. You exercise regularly and maintain a strict diet. Yet as you grow older you have seen the expansion of your waistline. There seems no way of controlling it and you are beginning to worry that the change will soon become noticeable. Purchasing a Waist Trainer is one of the best ways to counter this development. A Waist Trainer is a garment used by Continue Reading;

Automation of technical reports for referencing

The views of the author are entirely his own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. As the web becomes more complex, with JavaScript frameworks and front-ends of the library on websites, progressive Web applications, single-page applications, JSON-LD, etc., we are seeing more and more An increasingly large area. When all you have is HTML and CSS and links, there is only Continue Reading;

301 Redirect Rules Change: What You Need to Know for SEO

The views of the author are entirely his own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. Is it time to rewrite SEO playbooks? For what appears to be forever, SEOs have operated through a set of best practices that dictate how best to handle URL redirection. (This is the practice of pointing a URL to another. If you need a quick refresh, Continue Reading;

5 Good Qualities Possessed by the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

No one would want to be accused of criminal charges. When criminal charges are pressed against you, the only person you could count on is a criminal defense attorney in NJ. But are you sure that the lawyer you hire has the caliber and capability to find victory in your case? Are you certain he/she can get you out of this mess? Well, if you want to be sure about Continue Reading;

How to secure your Business Assets and Property

Hiring private security guards from a company to look after your business premises and property could be one of the toughest and most crucial decisions you have to take. With the steady rise of vandalism and other crimes in Australia, it is imperative that you make the right choice in selecting the best private company which can look after your commercial assets twenty four seven so that you can be Continue Reading;

Four errors to avoid when migrating to SharePoint

 With SharePoint 2016 on the horizon, organizations are planning their IT strategy to ensure they use the most advanced technology strategically and cost-effectively to improve business operations. All organizations start with a road map for their IT strategy and therefore believe that they are equipped to deal with migration, upgrades, redundancy and innovation as and when they arise. However, the point remains that if the strategy is flexible to absorb Continue Reading;

Hiring a Security Guard? Here are 6 Qualities to Look For

The sole responsibility of a security guard is to be vigilant and protect the premises, be it an office building or a mall. A lot goes into making the right choice for a security service. Be sure to hire a security service that is firm, trustworthy and true to their duties. To choose the right person for your job, here are some of the best attributes of a security guard Continue Reading;