Frequently asked questions about Glass Scratch removal

Glass scratches are caused due to a number of reasons like course-grained cleaners, unwashed window wipes, graffiti, dogs etc. Most people falsely assume that it is impossible to remove scratches from glass. However a professional service specialized in glass scratch removal at can bring back your scratched glass to its original profile in no time. … Read more

Pool Fence Installation Tips – Things to Consider Before You Invest

Recent studies shown that drowning and pool accidents ranks second or third behind motor vehicle and fire as cause of unintentional injury deaths to children under the age of 15. Pool fencing is a passive environmental intervention designed to reduce unintended access to swimming pools and thus prevent drowning in the preschool age group. To … Read more

These Tips will make your Glass Shower Screen look as good as new

                Once a glass shower screen is installed, a common question asked by most owners is how they can maintain them effectively. While glass shower screens require minimal maintenance, that doesn’t overshadow the fact that regular cleaning keeps them in top shape. Here are some simple yet essential … Read more

Glass Pool Fencing – Safety & Beauty Rolled into one

              Glass pool fencing is the new cool when it comes to pools and outdoor areas. They practically not just redefine your pool area beautifully, but is a preferred choice for those concerned about safety of their loved ones. For instance, parents can monitor their kids playing in the … Read more