How An Effective Cost Containment Strategy is Helpful to Employers

Consistent increase in the costs associated with healthcare has created a new market for various innovative solutions to help employers deal with increased expenses. One of these innovative solutions available is medical cost containment. Medical cost containment solutions all work together for the good of the injured worker, while positively impacting advantageous program outcomes. ANS Medical Cost Containment Programs are the only true face to face, and end to end Continue Reading;

Why is Performing Drug Utilization Review Important?

  “Drug Utilization Review” is the common term you must have come across if you are working in the healthcare industry. Also known as “medication utilization reviews” or “medication review,” DUR is a structured evaluation that monitors the activities of physicians, patients, pharmacists, and the operation of the health care system. Drug Utilization Review – Definition Drug Utilization Review is an authorized and structured evaluation process of monitoring the prescription Continue Reading;

Legal Nurse Consultant – An Indispensible Tool in Medical Malpractice Litigation

Legal nurse consultants are an invaluable tool for any firm. With their knowledge and experience, they bridge the gap between legal and medical entities in medical claims and cases. Certified legal nurse consultants are typically hired by lawyers to review medical records and acquaint themselves with medical terms for court cases. Here’s what you need to know: Who is a Legal Nurse Consultant? A certified legal nurse consultant is someone Continue Reading;