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Clifford Woods is the CEO of Effective Environmental Services and Organic Environmental Technology You can find out more at www.effens.com and www.organicet.com We brew Beneficial Microorganisms that eat toxins and offer Natural Organic Solutions.

Controlling Algae Naturally in Your Pond

Controlling Algae Naturally in Your Pond By Clifford Woods You have two choices in dealing with algae in your pond and that is with chemicals or naturally. Chemical methods are fine if you there are no living creatures or plants in your pond because algaecides and chemicals will kill any and all life in the water. Normally chemicals would be used in a swimming pool or perhaps outdoor fountains, any Continue Reading;

Benefits of Having Organically Clean Ponds

Benefits of Having Organically Clean Ponds By Clifford Woods Anyone who has a fish pond in their yard wishes there was some easy way to clean it out. It can smell bad and you have to clean it out occasionally to keep it healthy for any fish, so they do not get sick and die. Even if the pond has a filter, other gadgets and products from the store, there Continue Reading;

Are Septic Tank Cleaners Worse Than the Stuff in Them?

Are Septic Tank Cleaners Worse Than the Stuff in Them? By Clifford Woods Chances are that most will only ever give their septic tank a second thought when the almost unthinkable happens and the system has to be repaired, replaced or scrapped altogether due to a blockage or breakage. Sadly however, what the same “most” also don’t seem to realize is that the way in which the natural standard is Continue Reading;

Aquariums And Their Value

Aquariums And Their Value By Clifford Woods An Aquarium is the name given to the container where pet fish are kept. Aquariums are mostly rectangular shaped boxes with at least one transparent side. The material used for making these fish containers is either glass or acrylic. An aquarium is considered a very useful decoration item as it can add a lot of beauty to the interior design of any home Continue Reading;