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Final Fantasy XIV New Patch Previews

  In Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.1, game company brings us a lot of new contact, such as new story missions and two additional dungeons etc. Story Missions Vanu Vanu Beast Tribe Quests – The Vundu tribe, having summoned the primal Bismarck, wasted no time in establishing dominance over other Vanu Vanu tribes and claiming the Sea of Clouds as their own. The peaceful Zundu tribes continue to oppose their Continue Reading;

Guild Wars 2: New Legendary Weapons and Economy Detailed

ArenaNet released two blog posts relating to Heart of Thorns, discussing the new legendary weapons as well as upcoming economy changes.   ArenaNet have announced a lot of new content and systems, and most of them affect the balance of the game in one way or another. The game is about to change a great deal, and that means the economy is going to be impacted.   Economy Detailed Precursor Continue Reading;

RIFT Spotlight: Into the Primalist

  RIFT is still getting updates regularly, with the latest update 3.4 “Into the Wilds” coming on October 7th. Those following this brand new calling will need to harness their fury and cunning to unlock their primal power. What kind of amazing features are coming in this new update?   Fury and Cunning The twin poles of Fury and Cunning lie at the heart of the Primalist Calling. Dedicated primalists Continue Reading;

FIFA 16 Guide: Best Formations and Free Kicks Tutorial

FIFA 16 released almost one week, do you know what is the best formation in FIFA 16? How effective are free kicks? How do you kick a perfect free kick? Here you can find some guide in FIFA 16.   Best Formations   As you know, FIFA is a game which has to pay attention to cooperate. In the FIFA series, victories are the results of a united effort by Continue Reading;