About Jeff Novak

Jeff has been writing for the Apparel Graphics industry along with various other industry websites for over 9 years now. His experience in helping companies find the right Screen Printing solution providers in the form of custom Logo Graphics, Apparel Graphics and custom Embroidery are all well noted in other popular industry publications as well. Jeff specializes in providing reviews of companies and websites around the Screen Printing industry.

How much do you know about Apparel Graphics?

From ancient times to now, people are fascinated by prints on their clothes. In earlier days, they used hand paints or Embroidery to design their apparel. But in modern times the technology of printing has changed, kinds of prints have evolved, but the passion for designs on their apparel still remains same. Now this art is popularly known as Apparel Graphics. The word graphics symbolizes not only change in printing Continue Reading;

All about Screen Printing and its Applications

Screen printing is an art of transferring printable images via woven mesh onto a paper, fabric or some other flat surface. Screen printing is extensively used for designing logo graphics on coffee mugs or t-shirt design. The technique involves a fine mesh or screen that is tightly held around a fixed frame. The sections that are not printed are concealed on the screen, and to create the image, the framed Continue Reading;