Make a Difference with Metal Wall Art

                      Metal wall art finds great demand almost everywhere – homes, offices and other areas requiring decorations. Wall paintings are getting quaint, which is why people and interior décor lovers are embracing an attractive approach that is metal wall art. Metal wall art comes in three-dimensional and two-dimensional forms and are mostly framed. Here’s what you need to know about Continue Reading;

Decorative Mirrors – How to find the Perfect one

Decorative mirror isn’t a new concept in home décor. Mirrors are one amongst the common elements used by many to make their space appealing, appear larger and intriguing. However, choosing the right size and shape of the decorative mirror that suits your wall can be pretty hectic. Well, put those worries away as this article will help you figure out which decorative mirror should you choose for your home. 1. Continue Reading;

Cushions, wall art and more for your Living Room

A living room is the central hub, the space to unwind and the place where we meet and greet the guests. The living room may be chic, trendy, traditional or quirky but it always carries a strong personality and its traits are often rubbed onto the other parts of the home and onto the home owner too. Styling a living room is no easy task and one needs to spend Continue Reading;