Basic Oral Chelation

Basic Oral Chelation By Clifford H Woods Chelation is a very simple and basic concept that can be used as a beneficial therapy. What it basically does is remove the buildup of toxic heavy metals in the body. It flushes them out and leaves the body feeling much better than before the therapy started. It … Read more

Natural Creams and Their Uses

Oil and water do not mix.  When creating all natural creams or lotions, something needs to be done to the oil and water based ingredients so that they can combine.  “Emulsion” happens when water is permitted to encapsulate oil molecules with the help of another ingredient referred to as an “emulsifier”.  A common emulsifier found … Read more

Calcium and Bone Health

Calcium is a mineral needed for strong teeth and bone health. It is also important in the growth of young adults and children.  The absorption of calcium as well as vitamin D, and the creation of bone reach a peak around twenty years of age.  It begins to decrease from the age of thirty when … Read more

Causes of High Cholesterol and Natural Remedies

The root causes of High Cholesterol is said to consist of: Diet that is poor, especially one high in cholesterol, saturated fats and refined carbohydrates Family tendency to high cholesterol Insulin resistance diabetes Hypothyroidism Stress Inactivity   You are most likely to have cholesterol that is high and that can lead to heart disease if … Read more

The Harm that Over-Prescribing Antibiotics Can Do

We have reached a time in our health care system where many health authorities are now beginning to admit that the over prescribing of antibiotics is creating a problem that is much worse than the original illnesses.   Antibiotics first began use in the 1940s and everyone agrees that antibiotics were a great advancement in … Read more

High Blood Pressure, Causes, and Natural Remedies

As your blood circulates through the body, it presses up against the walls of the arteries.  This force of pressure is referred to as blood pressure.  When the pressure against the arterial walls becomes too high, these walls often become narrow or thicken and this adds an extra burden of stress on the heart.   … Read more

Headaches and Their Natural Remedies

Imagine starting your day early in the morning with some serious lack of sleep, your kids are screaming at the top of their lungs, you are navigating tumultuous traffic on every turn and corner and when you finally reach your office, you receive a sour note from your manager.   By this time, you feel … Read more