5 Probable Causes for Car Engine Failure

Everyone knows the hurdle associated with repairing a car engine. Repairing or replacing a car engine will cost of several dollars. As the saying goes, “Prevention is Better than Cure”, it is important that you read these important pointers to keep your engine in good shape. Car engine is the heart of your vehicle, so it is vital that you take good care of it. Take a look at these points mentioned by the experts of auto repair in Marrickville:

1. Ignoring Oil Changes:

Most vehicle owners often overlook the importance of replacing engine oil periodically. Failing to change oil can reduce the life of your engine. Also, it is vital that you use the required type of oil that suits your engine. Synthetic oils are suggested for use in most vehicles as they can help provide peak performance and better fuel efficiency.

2. Neglecting Oil Leaks:

Auto professionals do say that it is super important to not neglect visible oil leaks. When there are heavy oil leaks, it leads to loss of lubrication of the metal parts of the engine, thereby leading to premature failure. Problems arising from oil leaks might show up slowly but usually leads to deterioration of rubber engine mounts, steering components and suspension bushings.

3. Overlooking the Cooling System:

Professionals state that engine coolant must be flushed every three years or 30,000 miles, whichever is sooner. Most vehicle owners usually ignore doing the same, thus leading to a shortened life span of the parts used by the coolants. Additionally, an overheating engine also is a major sign that your car is low on coolant. Hence, make sure you take it to a repair service at the earliest if you find that your vehicle is getting overheated.

4. Disregarding the Engine Oil Light:

Engine damage or warning is usually brought to notice by the engine oil light. There are a few other reasons as to why this light turns on, and that might include the need to replace the catalytic converter or oxygen sensor. When you see this light on, make sure you get the assistance of a car repair in Marrickville expert to fix the problem.

5. Flooding Your Engine:

Travelling through a path of standing water or a heavy rainstorm can possibly damage the engine of your vehicle. Hence be careful when you drive your vehicle in such areas.

Remember these above points and give your car engine the best usage and efficiency.

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