5 Ridiculous Myths About Electric Vehicles Debunked


Rising fuel prices is only one among the many reasons why it’s high time you switched to electric cars. Petrol and diesel cars have already contributed a lot to some of the world’s most frustrating problems such as greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and others. Despite increasing demand for electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations, electric cars have been receiving a bad rap for quite some time. Following are 5 myths about electric vehicles you should never believe:

Myth 1: Electric Vehicles Generate As Much Pollution as Conventional Vehicles

Fact: According to research, an electric vehicle will actually reduce the amount of carbon dioxide pollution generated out of electric usage, relative to the carbon dioxide pollution generated from oil usage. As the emissions are much lower, the future of our planet will be saved for several generations.

Myth 2: Electric Car Batteries Cannot be Recycled

Fact: Regular internal combustion engines use lead-acid batteries, which has nearly 98% possibility of being recycled. Even better, the lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles are much more recyclable and valuable than the former. Plus, with the number of electric car charging stations rising across the country, you could charge your vehicle batteries as and when required, thereby making it last longer as a result.

Myth 3: Plug-in Cars Results in More Nuclear and Coal Plants

Fact: Even though several vehicle owners are making the switch to electric cars, the amount of electricity generated would suffice to operate the vehicles we have today. There’s plenty of capacity on the grid that can easily accommodate the requirements of the EV charging stations, which means you can fully depend on electric vehicles just as you would with regular fuel-powered cars.

Myth 4: Car Batteries Will Run Out of Juice Easily

Fact: With the presence of even more efficient and powerful electric car charger, your car battery shouldn’t be running out of charge that easily. With a 220V outlet car charging station, you get 100 minutes of charge, an extended range plug-in will give about 4 hours and a pure electric will settle you with six to eight hours of charge easily.

Myth 5: Electric Vehicles are Expensive

Fact: Most people refrain from buying electric vehicles because they believe electric vehicles are expensive. Though it might seem that the initial upfront costs are higher, reduced annual maintenance costs and fuel savings will add up to your savings as time passes by.

Get over these major myths, and buy that electric vehicle you always wanted. Enjoy your journey!

The author is working in a recognized business offering electric car charger and other accessories utilized for electric cars for over 3 years. He explains some of the common myths associated with electric cars that have been making rounds lately. For more, visit https://www.evse.com.au