Beware of These Costly and Most-Common Auto Repair Problems

Car repair are not cheap! Anyone who has their own set of wheels knows it. Automobiles are the complex machines whose parts can become damaged, age or malfunction over time.

“Prevention is better than cure!” Remember the old cliché? It’s not far from the truth! Being a car owner, one must be aware of the common problems that occur in your car and how to prevent them. So, scheduling a regular maintenance service is crucial to avoid many of the car repairs.

In this write up, we can learn about different costly auto repairs and how to handle them efficiently.

Oxygen Sensor Replacement

When there is a problem associated with the oxygen sensor, the ‘check engine’ light automatically comes on. Having a quick check using a handheld scanner helps you to decide whether it needs replacement or not. To know about the recommended mileage, get help from a professional or refer to your car’s manual. Based on the make and design of your car, the professional decides the number replacement sensors required by vehicle’s exhaust system, catalytic convertor, and more.

Fuel Cap Tightening

Improperly tightened fuel cap is another common auto repair mistake that leads to gas fumes leakage. It is also estimated that 95% of the engine gas leaks are caused by improper fuel cap tightening. Having a well-tightening fuel cap saves you more fuel and maximizes the lifespan of the duel pump.

Catalytic Convertor Replacement

The important component of a vehicles emission control system is catalytic convertor. Catalytic convertor plays a major role in recirculating the un-burned gas back to vehicles engine and cleans up the cars exhaust. Even a single problem in this convertor causes unwanted additional emissions resulting in rough ride and reduced fuel efficiency. This issue can be identified by the sulfur or rotten egg smell arising from the catalytic convertor.

Mass Airflow Sensor Replacement

Mass airflow sensor is used to track and verify the amount of air entering into the fuel injection engine. The common signs of faulty mass airflow sensor are,

– Hard to start engine
– Engine stalls shortly after starting
– Engine jerks while on acceleration
– Drags while idle
– Engine hiccups

Other preventative measures that should be taken care of includes,

– Spark plug replacement
– EGR valve replacement
– Coolant temp sensor replacement
– Ignition coil replacement
– Intake manifold gasket replacement
– Electronics repair and more.

Want to keep you ride in god shape? Want to be safe on road or save more money in the long run? Then, hire the best auto repair to avoid costly auto repairs and have a safe journey.

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