A Complete Guide on Choosing a Portable Jump Starter

Getting stranded with a dead car battery is a terrible experience and never a good time. So, it’s very common for drivers to carry a set of portable jumper cable as a back-up. If you are not a prepared motorist, then you would likely be calling a tow truck to give you a jump. But, it will take more time to come and around and you will be left helpless in the meantime. Now it’s high time to bid adieu to these traditional methods for jump starting your vehicle.

The advent of technology in different fields has bestowed us with various products that make our life easier and simple. One such innovation is a portable jump starter, the perfect rescue in times of dealing with a dead car battery.

Factors to Look for in a Jump Starter

The following factors make jump starters worth buying.

– Peak Power
– Safety
– Reliability
– Affordable price
– Other additional features

Cranking Power Vs. Peak Power

When buying a jump start, there is no pre-defined ‘best power value’. The power value depends on the type of your car battery and your needs.

Cranking Power

The amount of amps delivered by the unit when additional cranking is needed is called as cranking power. The modern portable jump starters come with cranking power around 400 amps.

Peak Power

The maximum amount of power that can be delivered by a jump starter is referred to as peak power. Based on the type of the device, the peak value differs.


When it comes to buying a portable jump starter, safety is paramount. Look for the following features if you are more concerned about the safety.

– Overvoltage protection
– Short-circuit protection
– Over-current Protection
– Overload protection
– Overcharge protection


The biggest tell-design of durability is the design and you must prefer buying a lightweight unit with a sturdy design. This is because, you can’t expect a high level of durability from jump starters made of cheap plastic.

Additional Features

With the advancements in the technology, more and more jump starter products are coming out with different features. Some of them are listed below.

– USB Ports: Jump starters can be used as a temporary charger in low-battery situations of your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
– Air Compressor: Some portable jump starters even come with built-in air compressor that is capable of delivering enough power to inflate tires in emergency conditions.
– Flashlight: Flashlight integrated into the unit allows you to use the jump starter regardless if it’s day or night.

The price is one of the last things one should think about when it comes to buying a jump starter. If you are on a tight budget, a model with a good set of features, and a satisfactory design is worth buying. Visit http://www.lenika.com.au to find diesel engine oil, different types of greases, and more.

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