Harley Davidson: 2018 Bike Models

There is no mistaking the powerful hum of a Harley Davidson when it is being revved. It is clear, thunderous, and simply heart pounding. These classic and forever loved bikes of the open road are treasured by bikers all over the world. Nothing beats riding a Harley down an open road with the fresh air giving you more life.

What are the best bikes for 2018? Here is a list of what Harley Davidson Roma has in store for bike aficionados:

The CVO Series

The CVO series comes in three different bikes, the Limited 2018, the Road Glide? 2018, and the Street Glide? 2018. Here are some facts about each bike that might interest you:

CVO Limited 2018 – Best for long days or nights riding the saddle. This edition carries a powerful V-Twin engine specific for the CVO ™ models. This bike has a classic black engine with an intense orange and shiny details for added highlights. Fuel tank capacity of 22.7 Liters, more than enough for the open road.

CVO Road Glide 2018 – Designed with style and comfort in mind. The bike includes an amazing sound system along with the trademark V-Twin engine. It’s perfect for the biker who wants it all.

CVO Street Glide 2018 – The unique touring look of a Harley mixed with the power of the V-Twin engine for the CVO ™ model. This bike is pure, dynamic and powerful. It’s everything a biker wants on the road.

For more information about the CVO ™ series check out Harley Davidson Rivenditore Ufficale Roma for extra details.

The Softail Series

The Softail series of Harley Davidson Roma includes a long list of different bikes, all with their own unique features and qualities. Here are three of the best bikes in the series and what they offer their riders:

Breakout 114 2018 – The brand new Softail? is elongated and agile with a very aggressive profile. This Harley comes with a 240mm rear tire to match drag tradition style. It also runs on a Milwaukee-Eight Big Twin Engine for a faster throttle response and a loud fulfilling roar.

Deluxe 2018 – No mess, no fuss, just everything you would ever want from a Harley Davidson is here. This bike takes the classic Harley look and perfects it further. Best for nostalgic riders who prioritize aerodynamics, maneuverability, and performance.

Fat Bob 2018 – The best way to describe this model is aggressive in style with stunning handling and performance. The bike has new forks to enhance maneuverability. Taking control has never looked this classy and exciting.

When it comes to the new Harley Davidson collection for 2018 the Harley Davidson Rivenditore Ufficale Roma is your one-stop shop. These six bikes are just the beginning of a new and exciting world. There are still Sportster, Street, Touring, and Trike Harleys to explore. All bikes have their own unique features that will send a thrill up your spine. The open road has a lot of room for Harleys, are you planning to ride one soon?

If a 2018 Harley is beyond your budget, you can also check out older models or even used bikes. After all, it is always about the ride.