Important things to keep in mind when your car breaks down

Car breaks down when you least expect it. It is one of the most irritating experiences a driver can have. Though there are numerous ways to avoid it, it is better to know what to do when you are facing your very first breakdown. Here are some tips that would help you to deal with car repairs.

– Get off the road

At the moment of crisis cars usually don’t stop working altogether. And you will have enough time and momentum left to get the car to the roadside. Once you have reached where you want to go, put the emergency break and turn the steering wheel away from the road so that your car wouldn’t move into the traffic by mistake. Then, switch on the hazard light.

But, if your car gets stuck in the middle of the road, switch on the hazard lights immediately and do not at any cost try to get down, especially in a busy highway.

– Make phone calls

Fortunately, most of us are now armed with cell phones. Call your family or friends and ask for help. If you do not have a cell phone, consider having a basic phone set in the car to be used for emergencies. You can also contact a service dedicated to car repairs.

– Stay beside your car

Road side assistance cannot do anything to a car which has no driver. Also, it is safer to stay with the car as the highways are far too dangerous for pedestrians.

– Try to locate the source of the breakdown

If you have done minor car repairs before, look around and check whether you can identify the source of the problem. If it is a loose battery cable, then you can easily fix it. But sometimes, you would have to deal with flat tires. It is trickier to change tires, especially at the roadside. It is one of the problems that need to be handled by an expert at auto repair.

– Do not accept help from strangers

If a stranger comes to your aid, it is best to remain inside the car and inform the person that help is on the way.

Remember these safety instructions the next time your car breaks down.

The author is a traffic inspector. In his leisure time, he likes to write various articles about road safety and car repairs to create awareness. He recommends City garage for any auto repairs in Marrickvile. To know more, visit