New 2013 Nissan GTR

The first info on the potential generation 2013 Nissan GT-R surfaced online this week, coming from your manufacturer’s home market, Okazaki, japan. Apparently, the next-gen 2013 Nissan GT-R remains on track, even though it absolutely was delayed by the current disaster that struck Asia. The 2013 GT-R ended up being scheduled for testing around the Nurburgring, but unfortunately, this Tsunami delayed these blueprints. According to various resources, Nissan will resume testing with the 2013 GT-R this drop.

The 2013 GT-R would be the last of the string, so Nissan want to make it day a bang. The recent generation 2012 Nissan GT-R renovation develops 390kW (530 PS) during 6, 400 rpm and also 612 Nm of torque by 3, 200 to 6, 000 rpm. Your next generation model will get 30 bhp and forty nine Nm of

torque far more. This means that a 2013 Nissan GT-R will send a minimum of 560 bhp and 661 Nm of torque to all or any four of its trolley wheels.

Apart from the excess power, the future GT-R might also offer an updated exterior look, and perhaps, a new interior, but these are all speculations at this point.

Apart from the common GT-R, Nissan also plans to make available yet another, high overall performance, SpecV

version. The main focus point with the 2013 Nissan GT-R SpecV is to loose weight, and our sources say it you could end up a 30 to 45 kg loss.

We’ll have more particularly Nissan’s future GT-R when they’re available.

It is just the R35 GT-R has only been announced, but it’s actually existed now for just beneath four years. As heritage will teach us, GT-Rs only hold off for three years approximately, like the previous R32 and also R33. The latest generation has definitely left an incredible dent in the current performance car benchmark, perhaps way more than any previous unit.

To finish off a run, according to a written report by 7Tune, the Japanese manufacturer is concerning to embark on testing in the last facelifted model throughout the second half of in 2010.

The current Australian MY2011 Nissan GT-R Series 3 has only been announced, offering an energy increase from the MY2010 cars 357kW/588Nm in order to 390kW/612Nm (it’s also effective at 0-100km/h in 3. 0 just a few seconds). The last Japanese family market 2012 model will feature up to 400kW.

Reports say as much as 418kW could be available. On top of that, the current fastest product in Japan, the Specification V, will be replaced using a Spec R model, that could shed around 32kg with weight for added effectiveness. This combination would undoubtedly bring 0-100km/h times on the two-second range? It are likewise interesting to see if perhaps Nissan engineers smash an additional Nurburgring lap time.

Testing of the new model was considered to be interrupted by the earthquake inside Japan. We’ll keep you updated and look ahead to bringing you any traveler shots sent our method.