Rustproof Your Car and Get ready for winter

Winter season is the time of the year when Mother Nature decides to test the tolerance of the vehicles on the road. During winter, salt and sand are strewn across the streets for a reason. The salt lowers the freezing point of the ice and the sand keeps the salt in place and causes traction. The saline roads filled with sand and dirt can cause heavy damage to the under-body of your car thus making it essential to invest in rust proof wax products.

Plan ahead of winter to keep rust away

The biggest enemy for a car is rust and winter is generally the first cause of rust. The first snowfall of the winter season is the best time to jump into action. The following simple yet effective tips can help keep rust at bay.

– Invest in a good rust proof wax and have it applied meticulously on the car’s surface. Follow this up with a wax sealant.

– Ensure the hidden corners of the car’s under-body are covered by using a cavity wax.

– Pay attention to the most vulnerable part of the vehicle and seek professional assistance if required.

The application of the rust proof wax must be preceded by a thorough car wash.

Tips to be followed throughout the winter season

It does not matter if a car owner has invested in the best cavity wax or other rust proof products, the below tips must be followed religiously throughout the winter season.

– The car must be washed as often as possible. It is recommended to have a steam wash after a long drive along icy lanes. Repeat the application of cavity wax if required. This ensures that the internal parts of the car are well-protected.

– If the roads are too salty, it might be a good idea to add baking soda to the water while washing the car at home.

– Rubber car mats can be used to protect the interiors of the car as the salt and other chemicals from the footwear can rot the floorboards. Custom fit rubber mats with high sidewalls are recommended.

Some people tend to lock away their car during winter. With the right rust proof products for the exterior and cavity wax for the hidden crevices of the vehicle, one can be assured of risk-free driving through snow-filled roads.

The writer is a car enthusiast, a journalist and an avid reader. Her articles about rust proof wax have garnered wide attention in the industry. She promises to bring out the significance of cavity wax for snow-clad areas in her upcoming posts.