Top 4 Warning Signs That Your Car Needs a Service

Pay attention to maintaining your car!!

In this article, we are going to discuss the top warning signs that clearly indicate that your car needs a service. Scroll down!!

Here are some warning signs your car needs a service…

– Warning lights on dashboard
– Abnormal vibrations
– Unresponsive or over-sensitive brakes
– Vehicle owner’s manual

Warning Lights on Dashboard

The most obvious sign your car will give you light on your dashboard!!

Dashboard lights are configured in such a way that, when the system that they’re monitoring isn’t functioning to their standard, and to give you an idea that a service is needed before a problem becomes serious.

Abnormal Vibrations

An abnormal vibration is a subtle movement or unavoidable shudder!!

Every vibration is not caused by road surface or driving style. In some instances, the vibrations might also be due to something like over-worn or unbalanced tires, the failing of a joint or loosening of a bearing in-depth.

Unresponsive or Over-Sensitive Brakes

Braking is one area of the car that often experiences wear and tear overtime!

Brake pads, rotors, and fluids are the ones that experience wear under the strain of everyday driving. You should always feel a crisp response when you put your right foot on that brake pedal, if there any major resistance, over sensitivity, knocking or strange noises come up, then make sure, it’s time for a service. Contact your auto repair as soon as possible.

Vehicle Owner’s Manual

The owner manual contains information on a car’s features and its maintenance schedule!!

The vehicle owner’s manual is a comprehensive resource – follow it regularly, which lets you approach problems proactively rather than reactively.

Additional Tips to Follow:

Here are some tips that you should check and follow it regularly

– Check the engine light has been illuminated or is flashing.
– Be aware of a smoking bonnet.
– Pay attention for excessive smoke from the exhaust.
– If your car coolant leaks, take a quick action.
– Move your way forward to the car service centre, if your car engine is chugging, racing or shaking.

“So what’s the best way to avoid these warning signs? Book in for a regular car repair service with your local dealership and enjoy a full annual service for an easily affordable monthly price!!”

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