Useful Tips to Take Better Care of Your Car in 2017

Finally, the New Year is upon us and it’s the perfect time to think what you can do to accomplish your goals. From goals like weight loss to writing an Australian mystery novel, the types of goals and resolutions people set are limitless. A worthy goal to add to your long list of resolutions is to improve your auto habits. This can include your aim for becoming a more fuel-efficient driver, keeping your cars well-maintained and in good shape, and more. Here we have compiled a few ideas to set some resolutions for your vehicle in 2017.

Check Tire Pressure

This might seem like a small action to do but your car and wallet will thank you for doing so. Once you make a purchase of a new tire, observe when your tire pressure decreases especially during the cold weather. Once it become deflated, fill them up quickly with the help of an auto repair service in Marrickville. Tires with low air pressure affect the tire life, reduce fuel efficiency of your vehicle and negatively impact the safety of the vehicle.

Go Fuel Efficient

Did you know speeding, heavy acceleration, and sudden breaking can increase fuel consumption by as much as 35%? So, try some other ways to impart excessive energy other than behind the wheel to save more money on fuel and become a fuel efficient driver.

Maintain Your Car Clean

A clean car means increased safety, longer-lasting parts, and improved gas mileage. So this weekend, take your car to a local car wash shop to clean both the exterior and interior of your car to improve its longevity.

Regular Car Maintenance

Regular car maintenance is required to enable your vehicle to operate efficiently. Always keep in mind that poorly maintained vehicle is one of the greatest threats to both driver and passenger safety. If you miss out vehicle maintenance often, then your vehicle may become unreliable and may malfunction while running, and possibly causes accident. As we all know, a car has hundreds of parts that work together to run it smoothly and even if there is an issue with one part, it could leave you stranded on a drive. So, consider contacting a car repair service in Marrickville to schedule a regular maintenance for your vehicle.

Change Oil

Changing oil in your car often improves gas mileage and minimises the wear and tear on your engine. Changing your engine oil regularly, say every 3 months results in the following benefits.

– Maintains engine lubrication
– Cools engine components
– Removes engine wear particles and sludge
– Promotes vehicle longevity and more.

By doing these, you can keep your car running in an optimal condition and enjoy your car more on road.

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