If you are thinking about starting a medical billing company, then 2016 is the best year to do it. When the healthcare industry announced the release of ICD-10 coding, it changed healthcare forever. Now, everything must be documented completely. Most doctors today don’t have the time to do their own billing. Most in house billers are not trained in ICD-10.

If you are a professional medical billing company, you will come to see billing as a profession that takes time to grow in. The rules are always changing. You have to know more than the average in house biller does. Starting your own billing company takes great skill.

For starters, bring a portfolio with you when talking with a potential client. Let them see anything that you have done over the past decade that gives them reason to believe in your skills and abilities. Starting a medical billing business today requires someone to trust you. Many medical billers today say that they can get a medical practice higher revenues. However, is this really the case or is it not true?

If you are like me, you want to see results quickly. Your potential clients want to know that you can come through on your promises. Can you get them a higher return faster than their own in house billers can? What can they expect to receive from working with you? These are the kinds of questions that you will be asked on an interview.

If you can prove to a medical doctor that you know your stuff, they are more prone to trust you. They want to see that their revenue is going up and their out of pocket expenses are going down. It is said that more than 30% of medical practices will outsource their billing over the next decade. This means tremendous growth for medical billing companies.

If you have a lot of experience getting your claims paid, show this to your potential customers. Showing proof of what you can do for a company is a lot better than just talking in circles. Nobody likes to hear what you can do. They want to see proof and evidence of what you claim. Are you willing to take on new challenges?

Make sure that your phone number is always working. You may be surprised to find out that many people call during off peak hours. If your phone doesn’t forward to a live person after hours, then you can consider the phone call to be dead. Most people don’t messages today.

Word of mouth is huge today. Keep your reputation good on social media and review websites. If you feel like others are finding you through the internet, it is good to keep your reputation solid. Doctors are always trying to find out who the most reputable people are in the business.

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