3 Essential Tips you can follow to Minimize Heating and Cooling Costs

The very first thought that comes to your mind when using heating or cooling equipment, is about money and energy consumption. That’s why HVAC professionals and customers today equally align towards energy efficient appliances for their homes. More the energy efficiency of a heating and cooling, lesser their energy consumption and associated running costs. If you are concerned about your energy bills, here’s a simple guide from the heating and cooling experts in St. Louis that you can follow to bring your bills on diet.

Think about Efficiency

The first and foremost aspect that anyone should consider when buying a new heating or cooling equipment, is energy efficiency. There are several options and brands out there in the market, however it is crucial to understand how energy efficient they are, before buying them. Here’s how:

ENERGY GUIDE LABEL: The manufacturer will provide their product’s Energy Guide label that describes the information regarding the efficiency of the appliance. If you don’t find the label, you can get the same information on the brochure or on the product website.

ENERGY STAR LOGO: The presence of the energy star logo in the product means that heating and cooling equipment meets the criteria of energy efficiency as specified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Other Useful Ways to Maximize Energy Savings:

1. Make an Energy Assessment for your Home:

Doing an energy assessment at home will help you understand how efficient your heating and cooling equipment, and if there’s any part of your home that’s wasting energy through air leaks or an improperly insulated attic. A professional will make the assessment using specialized equipment.

2. Do Proper Insulation:

Look for gaps and cracks on your existing caulking and weather stripping, and seal any air leaks on doors and windows around your house and walls.

3. Adjust your Personal Thermostat:

Lowering your thermostat in winter and bringing it up during summer can help make savings. Automatic thermostats are also recommended.

Maintenance Counts:

Getting your heating and cooling equipment maintained periodically can extend its longevity, and keep them free from repairs. Furthermore, they remain energy efficient, thus letting you make savings for the long term.

Reducing energy expenses is definitely possible for your home, whether you are buying new equipment or using an already existing one. Get the assistance of a professional heating and cooling technician in St. Louis who will fine tune your system, to optimize energy consumption and maximize savings.

The author is an experienced heating and cooling company in St. Louis for more than 3 years. He offers simple tips to minimize heating and cooling costs in St. Louis, MO for readers in this write-up. Visit http://www.swissairstl.com