4 Purposes of Using Parchment or Baking Paper When Baking

You might have seen baking or parchment papers lining the trays at your favorite bakery or restaurant. The moisture resistance and grease resistance properties of these parchment papers make them an ideal choice for baking and hence it was not considered inferior in professional kitchens any longer. Have you ever put your hopes and time into baking a cake, only to find it stick to the pan spoiling your plans? Then, don’t fret! Baking papers can save you a lot of time and work.

Here we have compiled a whittled list of a few key roles of parchment paper in baking.


Without a baking paper lining up the tray, your cake sticks to the pan creating a great mess. By placing a baking paper inside the cake pan, you can get your cake baked without sticking to the pan. First, cut your parchment paper to fit your cake pan or buy pre-cut and pre-sized pieces to make life a breeze. After you have finished baking, simply remove the baking paper and now your pan is clean. If you are using a parchment paper to line your trays, then you don’t have to fuss with cooking sprays or use additional butter or oil.

Increases the Lifespan of Baking Sheets

Yes! Baking papers can extend the life of your baking pans. These baking papers prevent messy grease or burned ingredients from dirtying your pans and decrease the risk of cross-contamination. No burned bits means your baking pan is going to stay longer and longer.

Transporting Baked Goods

Mailing baked goods can be a heart-warming gift but only if it’s shipped promptly and correctly. To transport your baked goods in shape, use baking paper to fill the gaps of the container to ensure that your goods doesn’t move around during the transit. Also, you can simply lift up the baking paper to transport baked goods to counters or platters with more ease.

Other Uses of Baking Paper

– Use baking paper to divide leftovers like pizza for non-stick food storage and to freeze foods like burgers, bacon, and more.

– It can serve as a perfect wrapping paper for baked goods like chicken rolls.

– Cover dishes in the microwave using baking paper to cut down microwave messes.

– If you are having messy kids then use baking or parchment papers to make disposable and crafty placemats.

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