5 Ways To Add Value To Your Countertop Laminates

Laminated counter tops in kitchens was all the rage during the 1970s but today, they have become a common feature in most households across the globe. Laminates come with several benefits. Apart from being highly affordable, they are easy to maintain, highly durable and are available in a huge variety of colors, shapes and designs. You may even come across laminate designs that replicate the look of granite and other expensive counter top materials at a fraction of the cost.

As already said, laminated counter top edges require little maintenance and most often, they only require regular cleaning to keep them looking new. Also, since the laminate material is non-porous, they don’t offer the option for water dampness and consequently no chance of bacteria build-up. Most times, all you need is a soft cloth dipped in water or mild soap / detergent solution to do the cleaning. However, it is highly necessary that you rinse of any kind of soap/chemical completely off the surface. Any residue in the faux counter top can gradually lead to damage. Dry soap residue is invisible but the moisture from utensils can activate them and lead to stains over time. Also, a prolonged exposure of the laminate surface to any kind of bleach will lead to discoloration. Hard scrubbers aren’t quite recommended as they will leave scratches in the surface.


1. Use nylon-bristled or vegetable brush with a mild cleaning liquid and lots of water. Diluted household cleaners too would do as long as you ensure that no chemical residue is left behind.

2. To remove tough stains, use mild household cleaners like Pine Sol to soak and draw the stain out

3. Blot unclean laminate counter top edges with non-abrasive, damp but clean cloth

4. Apply a rotating motion to clean the surface and laminate countertop edging

5. Always end by rinsing and drying off the surface

With counter top laminate cleaning, the less is always the best. It is advisable to never use scouring pads, sandpaper, steel wool, powders, abrasive cleaners, etc., they eat out the surface finish and leave the rest to further damage.

Quality laminates are made to be scratch and burn resistant. However, it is also recommended that you avoid placing hot objects directly on them. Use a stand whenever you need to use the surface. A onetime exposure is okay but prolonged and continues exposure will lead to discoloration and gradually separate itself from its substrate material or in extreme case, may even melt the laminate itself!

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