6 telltale signs your AC needs repair work

You get back home after a long tiring day, switch on your AC as you start your favorite soaps on the DVR- aah heaven! But what if the unit just stops working after a moment? It’s not uncommon if you have been ignoring the signs for long. Now, it’s true that many homeowners are not exactly aware of the signs that call for a fast repair. However, as the post below is all set to help you out with the major telltale signs which alert you about an immediate ac repair.

Spiked utility bills

Are you getting unnecessarily staggering utility bills for the couple of months and you just can’t make out when did you use so much of electricity? Well, in that case, it could be that your AC isn’t exactly running properly. It’s better you call a reliable AC repair company now for a thorough inspection of the unit so that you can start the repair work before it gets too late.

No cool

Do you think is AC isn’t releasing enough cool air like the way it used to do at least a month before? If you sense the same when the device is at full blast, it could mean a quick call to a trusted air conditioning repair. Lack of cold air from the AC suggests failing compressor or excessively low Freon levels.

Weak air flow

If you sense little or weak air from your air conditioner vents, a failing compressor might be the culprit. However, if you feel that some rooms are getting proper cool air and others aren’t, then there might be some issues with duct work. Actually, the AC vents might have debris building up inside them which obstructs the desired smooth air flow. Now whether it’s the problem with compressor or duct work, an immediate repair would be of urgent need.

Getting weird noises?

Your AC unit is supposed to function without much noise and without any sudden strange sound from it- like grating, squealing or grinding noises- would mean trouble. Squealing noises imply slipped belts or more lubrication for some metal part in the unit. On the other hand, grinding noises mean broken motor bearings.

Water leaks

If your AC unit is leaking water, you should immediately call up your air conditioner repairman. Water leaks suggest faulty a AC, and such problems must be corrected as soon as possible, or it can further lead to mold and mildew problems.

Strange smell

Do you get some kind of pungent smell from your AC unit these days? Well, be careful as such smells indicate burnt wire insulation inside the AC unit and you have should arrange for a repair quick.

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