A Look At The Replacement Turntable Stylus

Since turntables have different features, are therefore of different prices. They are composed of rotating plates, carrying phonographic records that are played. The cartilage fixed in its carrier holds the stylus that has a diamond tip that trucks on the record groove. Replacement turntable stylus is available in the market in different models and makes, therefore, one need to consider the make of his turntable before buying one to ensure that the sound produced is of high quality.

The quality of sound produced by a turn table can be increased by acquiring a new stylus. The type of sound produced by the turntable is related its type. Spherical and conical ones are most common, but their sound production is of low quality compared to elliptical type.

When selecting one to buy, choose that has the smallest tip. This is because it fits the groove accurately. The target should be to check a needle with more contact with groove and at the same time has less wear and tear on the grooves. This increases the sound quality and at the same time increasing the life of the record.

The cost of a needle is the highest for those with highest sound quality. Good care together with appropriate protection is crucial in determining the duration of service offered by it. Protect it from coming into close contact with small debris and dust particles that damages it. There are special brushes that enhance the cleaning of the stylus. Materials and tools used during turntables replacement are. Tweezers, a replacement cartilage, screw-driver, steady hands, force gauge, replacement needle and a pair of needle-nose-pliers.

During the process of cartilage replacement, remove its carrier if it is removable. Then make sure you observe the model together with the make of both the turntable and the stylus. Ensure that the parts to replace with are of the same make and same model. Use the needle-nose-pliers to remove the old needle. Then replace it with a new one.

Use the screw-driver to remove the old cartilage from its carrier and insert the new one. During the process of installing it, remove the needle. On fitting, the cartilage then rewires the system. The needle is the inserted at this stage. Then its carrier is reinstalled. The markings on the gauge of the turntable are then used to align the needle. Tighten the nuts securing the cartilage to its carrier.

It is then set so that it offers best tracking force for good and high sound quality production. For those with an inbuilt scale for tracking force, adjustment of the dial is done to produce a good tracking force. Adjust the height of the arm to ensure it is parallel to the surface of platter playing. Once the replacement is complete, a better sound is produced.

It is very essential to look at the following when purchasing turntables. Look at your budget keenly, and then buy what the budget allows. Decide whether to buy direct drive or a belt drive turntable. Some prefer automatic to manual. Make your choice on this. The cartilage in turntable should also be looked at before buying.

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