Accountable And Honest Haiti Non-Profit Institutions

The chief aspirations of Haiti non profit associations or non-governmental unions are to promote worthwhile ventures in all their territories through community mobilization. They also enhance participatory governance based on sustainable resource management. The tsunami aid attempts in 2004/2005 caused extraordinary giving, as did altruistic philanthropy in 2007 after the tsunami. Folks from around the earth put geography out-of-the-way as they witnessed the disaster from the media in form of video clips, news, internet blogs and photos. The rise of charitable institutions requires more accountability in aid distribution to satisfy the donors.

For this reason therefore, charitable organizations must be accountable for that aid to ensure that it reaches the destined people. They must also report this to the donors in form of accurate book-keeping and other reports. Unfortunately, the charitable sector has its fair share of charlatans. There are people who use this aid for their own economic gain.

For these causes to succeed, they must have minimum interference from the government. However, due to lack of integrity, government agencies chip in to monitor the use of these funds. Ironically, instead of monitoring the situation, the government wants its fair share of the loot. This has hurt both givers and receivers of foreign aid.

It has its fair share of unprincipled persons who seek to gain by swindling innocent donors out of their well-merited proceeds and, in some cases, their lifetime investments. These deceptive schemes hurt not only givers, who take action in the erroneous confidence that they are helping altruistic causes, but also the benevolent community.

The conviction that the philanthropic society owes them a living and needs to expend their wealth is flawed and negligent. They ought to appreciate that benefactors have saved for all their life to sustain charitable trusts or make constructive donations to the public. Unscrupulous directors have eroded this trust.

In some cases honest accountants have been fired if they refuse to cook the books. These acts of indignity have hampered donor support for good causes due to eroded confidence. New organizations have come up mostly as a metamorphosis of the old ones. By developing a regimen of honest feedback and accounting, this sector can turn around by boosting trust in the charitable sector. This will in turn work for their own advantage.

The benevolent community does not give money for the sake of it. Do not assume that they have excess or infinite resources. They provide help because they have always thought of supporting these causes and would love to achieve their dreams. The government must refrain from taxing the funds but improve monitoring of donor support.

In fact, in 2004 there was a 16 percent increase in new supporters to the global aid sector. This growth was largely due to the tsunami. Such disasters will keep on drawing millions of dollars if allocated to the required causes. Haiti non profit organizations require a consistent donor base that provides support in the wake of unique disaster.

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