Advantages and Disadvantages of Concrete Staining

Acid stain can cover all the blemishes in a concrete floor and give it an enhanced look. Despite the severity of the discoloration, concrete staining blends well with the uneven marks on the floor and would add a marble or patina look to the concrete. Here are the pros and cons of having stained concrete.


– There are a variety of options for you in design. You can make them look stylish and artistic or go for a traditional pattern. If you want to have a natural look, concrete staining could also make the floor appear like original stone. Therefore, it can suit the tastes of all kinds of homeowners.

– Concrete is known for its strength, toughness and resilience. It is quite difficult to scratch or break concrete floors and it is capable withstanding heavy equipment and wear. Things that could wreak havoc in wooden floors would not have much effect in case of concrete. This is why most people are choosing to have stained concrete floors in their garage, basements and cellars.

– With proper sealing and maintenance, stained concrete in Kansas City can last for many years so that you don’t worry about regular repairs.

– When you acid stain your concrete floors, it would not retain dust, debris or grime like many other flooring options. As the surface would become non-porous and hard, you can get rid of the accumulated dirt by a simple sweep. It enhances the indoor air quality and is best for those suffering from allergies.

– It is a cost-effective option. Once you have stained the concrete, you don’t need any additional floor covering. Also, the cost of the material and labor is cheaper, making it an affordable option for larger spaces.


– Acid stains perforate the surface and reacts with the material. Thus, it is nearly impossible to change the color once you have applied it onto the surface of the concrete. So be absolutely sure when you are picking the color. You can test the color by applying it on a discreet surface before you start coating the entire area.

– Certain tools that are used for concrete staining such as rollers, mop and squeegees require an experienced hand to avoid any inappropriate streaks on the floor. Also, the concrete stain is thinner than the paint and the application process is very hard to control.

By understanding both the benefits and the setbacks, you can now make a clear decision.

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