All about Screen Printing and its Applications

Screen printing is an art of transferring printable images via woven mesh onto a paper, fabric or some other flat surface. Screen printing is extensively used for designing logo graphics on coffee mugs or t-shirt design.

The technique involves a fine mesh or screen that is tightly held around a fixed frame. The sections that are not printed are concealed on the screen, and to create the image, the framed screen is placed over the surface to be printed, along with a spoon of fabric ink. A squeegee is then used to pass the ink through the screen. The concealed area does not allow ink to pass through it, but the uncovered sections allow ink to pass on to the material that needs to be designed. The material is then passed on to a conveyor belt via a heat-tunnel. This method ensures that inks to do not spread to other areas and dry fast so that the fabric can be stacked and packed. When screen printing is done the correct way, the ink on the printed material stands harsh conditions.

If you like to add some more colors in the final design, the same method should be tried with different screens. For example, if you like to have five different colors, then you need to use five different screens. Screen masking can be done using different methods but the most convenient way is to use masking fluid on the screen. This process works well for one or two color graphics but doesn’t work for larger prints. For larger prints, screen printing is done using photosensitive emulsions.

Applications of Screen Printing

It is the cheapest method of printing and hence it is widely used. Its applications are unbound. Almost every device, smart phones, tablets that you use has screen printed images on them. Needless to say, the vehicles you ride have graphics on both sides.

The textile industry is another popular area where screen printing is used. Screen printing can be done on all kinds of fabrics such as cotton, organza, silk and polyester. The final products include T-shirts, sportswear. Jute bags, kids wear and any type of clothing crated from printing the fabric.

T-shirt Graphics

T-shirt Graphics is the art of imprinting image on T-shirts. The trend’s been in the fashion industry for a long time. The print on these T-shirts can be anything from random art to logo graphics. Graphics T-shirts are available for people of all age groups.

With the use of modern technology like computer imaging software and 3D printers, it has become easy for companies to craft their own logo graphics on T-shirts.

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