Avoid these Mistakes while Installing Electric Fences

Electric fence is a great tool for effective security, especially for animals. It is indeed a great replacement for the traditional barbed wire fences. Unlike the latter, electric fencing requires only fewer materials and would only take less time to install. Being versatile, electric fencing can be easily replaced to a different location as well. But to make it work without hassles, be in the know of these popular mistakes associated with it.

1. Poor Grounding:

People usually think that it’s okay not to pay much attention when it comes to earth grounding. It is usually advised to install several grounds, typically having a length of 6 to 8 feet. Poor electric grounding can cause weak shocks.

2. Using Different Kinds of Metals:

This has to be avoided at all costs. If, for instance, you are attaching a steel wire to copper, electrolysis would take place, thus leading to corrosion. This would also eventually weaken the shocking power.

3. Inadequate Training for Animals:

Animals must know that fence hurts. Place a training fence on heavy wet soil and then try and make the animal cross the fence.

4. Placing Fence posts too Close:

Placing the fence posts too close can damage all insulators and posts if anything runs into the electric fencing. The recommended distance to be maintained between two fence posts is 80 to 100 feet.

5. Placing new Fences near old ones:

When old fence wires move and come in contact with the new electric fencing wires, it can certainly short the fence and finally gives your animals the freedom they need!

6. Wires in Contact with Wet Vegetation:

Wet grass would suck out so much charge off of a fence charger. This is why it is recommended to keep lower wires separate from other wires. You could then install a switch to the lower wires to use them only when you want.

7. Bad Quality Insulators:

As sunlight can gradually deteriorate plastic, it is highly recommended to only use high quality insulators with longer life. Poor quality insulators would be rendered useless as time goes by.

Electric fencing is a good security measure by all means. Make your investment prudently and buy electric fencing supplies from a dependable supplier to ensure your money doesn’t go to waste.

The author is presently working in a reputable supplier firm providing fencing and irrigation supplies in Perth. He explains the common mistakes that ought to be avoided when investing in electric fencing in Perth. Visit http://ruralfencingsupplies.com.au/