Brace Yourself; The DeepVault Web App Is Coming!

DeepOnion has experienced significant development in its innovative technologies ever since it came into existence. If you are always up to date with the current trends of DeepOnion, then probably you have been waiting for the great features promised by this booming cryptocurrency. In our earlier posts, we discussed some of the innovative technologies that make DeepOnion better than other new cryptocurrencies.

It has been working towards improving anonymity and privacy beyond their current efforts. Recently, the final airdrop of DeepOnion was completed successfully. DeepOnion’s official newsletter has been released with the latest updates that are yet to be implemented. These two significant updates are VoteCentral and DeepOnion Academy video series.

So, What Is DeepVault?

DeepVault is an immutable information store that allows DeepOnion members to keep their credentials of file validation within the blockchain. In simpler terms, it lets you have the peace of mind that your files are safe and haven’t been altered by third parties. You can verify the integrity of a file over time which means that if the hashes of file changes then it implies that the file is either corrupted or has been altered.

This feature should be thought of as smart contracts where integrity or conditions are validated through cryptography. DeepVault is highly intuitive and has been integrated into the DeepOnion wallet. It is one of the novel features of DeepOnion that offers a solution to the problem of simple file validation.

Features of DeepVault

With DeepVault, you can easily protect your intellectual property. This means that you stay away from theft and fraud cases because of the hashes of files. DeepVault makes you aware of the integrity of your files in a situation where they were altered without your consent.

Solid Protection

The upcoming DeepVault Web App will protect your work by storing it in the DeepOnion blockchain. It strives to provide a timestamp that is immutable and guarantees the state and date the file was created. The leading SHA-256 cryptographic hashing standard backs up the legally admissible evidence of file protection.

Low Cost

You can protect your work at low cost through DeepVault verification in a timely manner. It is also important to know that only the hashes of the file are stored on the blockchain and not the document.

File validation

DeepVault will maintain your file security which implies that your files can never be transferred from your computer or altered without your consent. It uses advanced file verification and hashing process to validate the files. The SHA-256 is the most trusted and secure algorithm used in the hashing process.