When to Change Your Door Locks

Changing your home’s lock should be as routine and as essential as any other maintenance services we do! Do you know why changing your doors lock often is important? Did you know: 6.4% of unlawful entry is committed by someone with a key? You know what that means-> It’s time to change your locks.

Changing locks is something that most people are aware of, but rarely do. It’s an important safety measure that no one should ever neglect. Changing your locks can keep your home safe, and make sure that you always know who has access to your house.

Top Reasons for Changing Door Locks

Here mentioned are some of the incidents that warrant door lock changing:

You’ve moved to the New House:

The No. 1 reason to change out lock is when you’ve taken occupancy of a new residence. While you receive the keys to the house at closing, there’s no guarantee that how many other spare copies of the key are out there floating around. For this reason, it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

You Lose Your Keys:

Whether you lost your keys or had them stolen, don’t ever think to adjust with the spare key. It’s important to change the locks as quickly as possible, because, you just have no idea where your keys will wind up.

Change of Employee or House Maid:

Change your door locks if someone you have employed no longer works for you. This might include gardeners, house cleaners, babysitters and other people you might have given a key for access to your home. You cannot be sure if they have made copies or not. So, in such cases, changing door lock is more important.

House Remodeling or Maintenance Services:

Change your locks if you remodel your home and give a key to a contractor. No matter how reliable you think your contractor is, you can’t guarantee that he won’t make a copy of your key and give it to his workers or other people you do not know.

After Divorce:

When you divorce or separate with your spouse, you need to change your locks and other security systems. Given the anger and emotional distress that goes along with a separation, your spouse may decide to revenge by stealing some of your precious possessions or documents. So don’t forget to change your door locks immediately. Get help from your nearby locksmith in St Louis

Change of Tenant

Finally, if you are a landlord, change the keys when your tenants move out. They might give you a key back, but you can’t be sure they didn’t make one or more copies.

Hopefully you are now aware of when to change your door locks. So, whatever the reason, when it’s time to replace or repair the locks in your home, get help from a professional locksmith in St Louis to protect you and your family.

This blog is posted by one of the experienced locksmiths in St Louis. In this article, he shares his views on when and why to replace your door locks. For more details, visit http://www.popalockstl.com