Choosing the Perfect Retractable Awning for your Home

It’s easy to get blown away by the latest trends in outdoor space design. However, before pursuing something yourself, it is best to ask yourself some very important questions. You need to understand what you will use the space for, your needs, your expectations and even how big your tiki bar should be! Once you have the answers, you will also come to realize that if you are looking to get the most from our outdoors, you will also need to protect it from the rain and sun.

For most of us, the solution needs to be both aesthetically and architecturally complimentary to our homes. This brings us to the point that quality comes with a price and that a product with good value should complement your tastes. While there are a variety of solutions available in the market, each design comes with its own set of advantages and limitations.

Whether you are going for a retractable awnings or any other solution below, make sure that you do good research.


The most popular and temporary solution for outdoor sun protection, umbrellas give the advantage of being fixed just about anywhere in the outdoors. However, it won’t be a great protection in strong winds or rain.

Fixed awnings

The opposite of umbrellas, this is a product that delivers long term commitment and can cover a large area just immediately outside your home. However, if ever you want the awning to be removes, the frames will continue sticking out and will be an eyesore while marring the outdoor d├ęcor.

Roll retractable awnings

This is a revolutionary design that doesn’t depend on fixed structural support. While they will mostly be limited to fifteen feet from your home, with modifications, they can go further. However, rolled retractable awnings are quite susceptible to damage from winds and rain.

Retractable canopies / multi track systems

Suspended from cables, this is yet another marvel of human innovation. The design is quite suited to the dry climate we have in Melbourne and can be tailored for a huge range of style and functionality. Retractable canopies give complete rain protection and come in long lasting and highly durable frames that can be used for a lifetime.

The modern counter intuitive engineering accompanied by the growing needs of living has helped us come up with several products that suit our cause. When looking for outdoor retractable awnings, be sure to check out the various brands and manufacturers out there. This will also ensure that you get the best retractable awning prices. When choosing any of these products, also think of a lifetime in style and comfort. It’s not hard to convert your outdoor space into something more fulfilling.

The author is a retailer of retractable awnings in Australia. He loves to share various tips & information on retractable awnings through his blog. Read to know more.