Choosing the Right Color for your Business Sign

Colors leave a lasting impact on the emotions and lives of many people. This is why businesses require making the right choice of color for branding. Color influences the decision making power of people and is one amongst the major customer touchpoints. Therefore, choosing the right color for your business sign is not just a matter of art.

The following are the most popular colors being used by businesses.

1. Red: Red is a thought-provoking color that can easily persuade you to action.

2. Blue: Blue pools together peace and trust. It calms one’s mind and instills a sense of confidence.

3. Orange: Orange majorly represents social communication and optimistic feelings. This color is capable of easily drawing attention.

4. Yellow: Yellow is said to represent criticism and impatience, but it also signifies uplifting and energetic feelings that create cheer and happiness.

5. Black: Black represents authority, while at the same time brings mystery, as though something is kept in the dark.

6. Gold: Gold embodies luxury, triumph and accomplishment. It is this color that brings value, elegance and material wealth. This color suits best for firms involved in business of jewelry and other luxury items.

7. White: White symbolizes perfection and purity at its best. It also means innocence and feeling of completeness.

Color Psychology:

From the above information you might realize now why businesses need to focus on color schemes. For a spa or salon, warm colors such as orange does it well. Make an inspiration with your signage by picking blue, or choose green and white to promote ecofriendly products.

Combination of colors:

Keep tabs on the level of visibility of your business sign, when you’re looking for the right combination of colors. The best way to make your signage attractive is to mix light colored graphics and fonts with a dark background. The legibility of letters is not to be forgotten. Also ensure that the graphics do not overpower the message that you’d like to convey to your audience.

If you’re still lost, you can seek advice of a professional sign company who’d give you the best recommendation on par with the nature of your business. Portray your business with the right color and bring in more customers.

The author has been working in a reputable sign company for over 4 years. His works has been noted in several publications.