Clear Insights of What Building Maintenance Is!

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Proper maintenance and management of properties is the often neglected field of the industry and this negligence may be due to the following factors.

– Lack of preventive maintenance
– Insufficient funds to maintain the building
– Lack of building maintenance standard
– Non-availability of replacement part and components

While considering these factors, people should also find alternate ways to preserve and protect their property or building since it is more than just a piece of real estate. After all, these investment properties can guarantee you a great income for years to come. Getting a regular property management or building maintenance is more cost effective and profitable than you think. Let’s look at the importance of having a proper building maintenance.

– With years of exposure to harsh climatic conditions and freak events like heavy rain and strong winds, buildings wither and degrade with time. This affects the aesthetic value of your building which in turn reduces the resale value. It can also lead to costly repairs, if left unattended.
– Hiring a building maintenance or preventative maintenance service helps you to prevent the loss of original fabric and the need for large restoration projects.
– Making a smaller but regular investment on managing your property like janitorial services or general plumbing maintenance avoids costly repairs that break your wallet.
– Regular inspection of your rental property enables timely identification of deteriorated building elements while letting you concentrate on other works with peace of mind.

How a Property Management Service Can Help You?

In general, a property manager plays a major role in preserving the look of the investment property and the value of the real estate. By providing a building maintenance service, they can keep a property well maintained and attractive making both owners and tenants satisfied. Here are a few property management services they offer:

General Maintenance

In this case, property managers assign personnel who are well-versed in doing a serious of general jobs like regular landscaping, cleaning, and vacuuming of common areas. They also oversee whether these jobs are done on time and completed in a scheduled time.

Corrective Maintenance

It’s the duty of the property manager and his personnel to respond to an issue immediately whenever they get calls to fix an issue. This might include works like repairing a water heater, cleaning air conditioner and more. However, this last minute rush can be avoided by scheduling preventive maintenance.

Aesthetic Maintenance

Performing regular cosmetic maintenance like painting, new carpeting, lawn makeover, new light fixtures can improve the resale value of the property and can generate more income.

In order to reap all the benefits listed above, one should hire the best property manager who pays strict attention to details to protect the needs of his clients.

The author is a top realtor in Missouri and has over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry. In this article he discusses about the importance of choosing a building maintenance service and how an efficient property manager could help people in protecting their buildings against costly repairs. Visit for more information.