Most common hotel booking mistakes you need to avoid

Once you have picked Swan valley as your next holiday destination, the next big step is to book an appropriate accommodation for your visit. Though it is a pretty straight forward process, there are few errors that could be avoided to make your vacation more enjoyable and satisfying.

Here are some mistakes that most people make when they book a luxury accommodation in Swan valley

– Ignoring the basics

Most people book rooms hurriedly and overlook some basic details that could cost them a lot down the road. Do not book accommodations in Swan valley that are located too far from places where you have planned to spend majority of your time. The extra traveling expenses or cancellation chargers would put a dent in your budget.

Also, it is best to double check all the booking details like the number of guests, date of arrival etc. before making the payment.

– Not paying attention to the customer reviews

Do not fail to read as many reviews as possible about a particular place so that you can you understand what it has to offer, the condition of the on-site restaurants and the quality of service. It would help make a well-informed decision.

– Compare the rates

Most websites claim that they offer best deals. But the only way to obtain the best-possible transaction is to match the advertised rate with the other websites. If any two competitors quote the same price, then compare other amenities provided by those hotels like free Wi-Fi, pet-friendly atmosphere, outdoor pools etc. Certain places offer special discounts to their customers. Make use of that and save big.

– Be aware of the extra-fees

Look out for the additional prices that are not usually covered by the room fee. In Swan valley accommodations could charge you a daily resort fee that includes supplementary on-site perks. Other than that, you would also have to pay sales and occupancy taxes.

– Booking non-refundable rooms

It is tempting to book non-refundable options as they are usually cheaper than the regular rates. But if you have to cancel the trip at the last moment, you might losing a lot of money.

– Not making use of a credit card

In addition to rewarding benefits like cash-back bonuses and free packages, credit card offers instant refunds for misplaced charges and protection against frauds.

Avoid these missteps and make the most out of your hotel bookings.

The author is running a travel agency in Western Australia. She has written many blogs about tour packages, camping trips and foreign vacation. She recommends The Vines Resorts and Country Club to book accommodations at Swan Valley Perth. To know more about this luxury accommodation, Visit