Concrete Staining Options for First Timers

Concrete staining is a technique which can convert your boring concrete floor into a piece of art. With interior designing and modernization of living spaces in demand, concrete staining is becoming an option for many people, since it’s both cost effective and also makes the floor look modern.

Types of Concrete Stains

For first times, there are 2 types of concrete stains – acid stains and acrylic concrete stains. Acid stained concrete floors are created by pouring acid in an area, and they react with the free lime on the concrete. This produces a translucent effect and is best for newly built concrete floors. Acrylic stained concrete stains are preferred for older floors, since they penetrate into the concrete floors with ease. This is also used to mask repairs and any other imperfections, thereby making it the best option for old and slightly worn out concrete floors.

Choosing the Best Concrete Stains

One of the most important problems in concrete staining is that not all concrete stains will fit best for your project. Mostly, it is advised that you choose the stain depending on the size or the area. When it comes to choosing stains, a good quality stain is very essential. This is because concrete strains penetrate permanently into the concrete, and removing them is difficult, in most cases, impossible. Choosing a bad quality stain will cause it to fade or discolor over time, thereby killing the main purpose of the entire process.

Polished Concrete Floors

Polishing has now become an inevitable part of the staining process. Once the concrete staining is done, polishing also will be carried out as the final procedure. Never forget to leave your floor unpolished after concrete staining, since it will help in better maintenance, and also provide better looks.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floor coating is another method, where a coat of epoxy is applied as the final procedure to protect the floor and also give a polished look. Epoxy coating stays longer and does not lose its shine easily, and hence, it is preferred by many.

Concrete staining is a process that requires a lot of patience and experience. Hence, it is necessary to hire a professional to do the job. Since concrete staining is a permanent process, it might turn out to be very bad if something goes wrong. These are a few tips for people who are trying their hand at concrete staining for the first time.

Stained concrete floor when done by experienced professionals can last long while transforming your dull looking floor into something fabulous. Talk to the experts right here.