Create unique Floorings with Acid Stained Concrete

People always prefer to make their homes look magnificent with interior décor ideas. By bringing in stylish and crafty tiles, wood, carpets and other beautiful items of art, they try their best to make their living space look elegant and fun to live in. Besides all such aspects, flooring has also occupied a prominent position when it comes to interior design. Stained concrete flooring adds a touch of style and uniqueness for residential and commercial flooring to make a long lasting impression. Here’s how acid stained concrete floors brings the best of form and function to your home.

Embrace beauty to your homes

Acid stained concrete floors transform your existing quaint concrete floors into exciting, polished floors that are indulged in custom designs and patterns.

With unique colors and textures, your floors show off with a marble-like look. Concrete staining is a non-uniform process wherein different slabs react differently to acid staining. In this way the design patterns and appearance will appear unique from each other. Choosing colors that match with the style and color of your rooms will create an appealing look.

Acid stained concrete floors are very much ideal when you have children and pets who are allergic to usage of carpets. Plus these floors proves they are a better alternative to carpets just because of the fact that carpets attract more dust and are very tedious to be cleaned while acid stained concrete floors are very well easy to maintain.

How it’s generally done?

Professionals undertake the process in 5 steps.

1) They will prepare all necessary materials such as acid stain, concrete cleaner, a sealer, roller, sprayer and more that are needed for the process.

2) The area is thoroughly cleaned by them and they ensure that the spot is completely free from dust and other particles.

3) Acid stain is now applied from one section to another section on the floor that will create reactions unevenly across the entire floor.

4) Once the reaction is complete, the concrete floor will be neutralized and cleansed. Neutralization is done with the help of baking soda and water solution. While this is done, any excess residue that persists will also be removed.

5) Once the floor is fully dry, two to three coats of sealer is applied and the intended results appear in no time.

Acid stained concrete floors creates remarkable style to your homes, they are easy to maintain and instills safety. They are reasonable as well relative to other forms of flooring options and décor ideas. And for that matter, they have become the means to add charm to your houses.

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