Different Paper Types Used in the Food Industry

The need for paper-based wholesale packaging supplies is inevitable in the food business. From gigantic restaurants with star ratings to small home-based food business, different types of papers are used for packing, serving as well as preserving food in various forms.

Read on to find out about three different paper types that are mandatory for the successful functioning of any type of food business.

1) Baking paper

Baking paper, which is also called parchment paper or silicone paper or sometimes bakery paper is a staple of restaurants, bakeries and caterers throughout the country. Baking paper is highly resistant to heat and its non-sticky surface makes it an ideal choice for baking cookies, cakes, bread and practically for handling any item that needs to go into the oven. Baking paper is available in different sizes and a slightly higher quality of baking paper is available for commercial kitchen use (as opposed to the ones used in any regular home kitchen). Apart from baking purposes, this paper can be used to wrap around succulent meat (seals the juices tightly) and to line baking tins or for the BBQ. A good baking paper prevents the food from touching the metal part of the oven and thus protects the food from contamination and the oven from easy damage.

2) Deli Wrap Paper

Australians love to have their food on the go. Whether is it the busy morning hours or late-night grab, food items like wraps, sandwiches, burgers, pretzels and so on look and feel good when wrapped using the deli wrap paper. This type of paper can be obtained from any wholesale wrapping paper supplier and looks similar to the wax paper. The most striking feature of wrap paper is that they can carry printed logos on their surface. So, branding your take way service becomes easy with the use of good quality deli wrap paper.

3) Grease-proof paper

Paper that prevents the oil from seeping out of the food and keeps hands free of food grease is called grease-proof paper. Grease-proof papers are widely used by restaurants, take-away centers, home bakers as well as delis. Like baking paper, this type of food packaging paper comes in different sizes and can also be customized to fit particular sizes of snack boxes and take-away boxes in restaurants. The paper is made of a sturdy material and looks and feels good when used to wrap food. The oil-repelling nature is formed by treating the paper with starches and cellulose gum and does not contain any harmful substances or chemicals.

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