Do’s and Don’ts of Vehicle Graphics

One proven but often overlooked tactic to outpace the competition of your business without overspending is vehicle graphics. Adorning your company vehicle with eye-popping, attractive and professionally designed graphics is an effective way to promote your business around town.

Recent reports from Outdoor Advertising Association of America vehicle wraps offer the lowest cost-per-impression of any form of advertising. A single vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 daily impressions depending on city and population size.

Businesses that Use Vehicle Wrap Marketing

Many businesses are capable of integrating vehicle-wraps into their marketing mix by choosing the right creative service provider. Here is a few examples of businesses using vehicle wrap marketing.

– Restaurants
– Bars
– Retail Shops
– Real estate firms
– Consultants
– Healthcare Clinics
– Other Service Professionals

Important Steps to Consider while Designing a Vehicle Wrap

Do’s of Vehicle Wraps

– Hire an experienced graphic or signage designer to create a more relevant image that complements your service.
– Enquire about the durability requirement.
– Review the vehicle graphic developer’s developmental support tools to ensure the quality of their work.
– While designing a vehicle wrap, leave some breathing room for text and logos.
– Be cautious about the adding lines or gradients that are meant to flow all the way around the vehicle wrap.
– Use bold colors and big and exciting designs to create larger-than-life graphics that people will notice and remember.
– Make an important point of the business brand and message to capture the viewer’s attention and popularize your brand.

Dont’s of Vehicle Wraps

– Don’t choose a graphic design company that doesn’t understand your business requirements.
– Avoid overloading the design with information about your company.
– Don’t be scared to create something unique and creative that makes your design appealing.
– Avoid complicated designs that can present difficulties in installation.
– Stop preferring dark mage colors on dark vehicle colors but stick to vibrant colors with vivid contrasts.
– To prolong the life of the vehicles, remove emblem form the vehicles.
– Don’t take the display text to the outside boundaries of the fleet unit’s working area.

In short, keep your graphics for vehicles simple because a consumer will only be viewing the vehicle wrap for 4-6 seconds. The consumer will not have enough time to analyze and figure out what to look at if there is too much information. With a little imagination and creativity, you can create a vehicle graphics that stands out from the rest.

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