Easy Tips to make your Generators Run Longer

Generators are used at homes and commercial establishments today, and they are immensely helpful in the event of power outages. However, generators can possibly breakdown and lead to expensive repairs, whether it be a temporary or permanent one. Here are some essential maintenance tips from professional Kansas City electricians to keep your generators in their best shape and have them running for years to come.

1. Make Periodical Checks:

Outdoor home generators or commercial generators are meant to operate for long periods of time, therefore periodical checks are essential. The ideal time to check on their functionality is during the spring and fall seasons. Most of its maintenance happen in 6 months, therefore plan a 6 month cycle for doing any repairs and replacements. This way, you could properly plan to inspect for repairs and take necessary actions right on time.

2. Regular Oil Changes is Important:

Generators are meant to work continuously for hours, meaning they consume oil rather recklessly. Make sure you change the oil filters for every 50+ hours of operation. Get the assistance of the manufacturer at regular intervals to keep the system well maintained.

3. Never use them Indoors:

Generators create fumes and this could be poisonous. This is why they have to be placed in an area that is well-ventilated. Generators have enclosures that are meant for proper air circulation. And when there isn’t enough air circulation happening, it can possibly damage the machine.

4. Never run them when they are out of fuel:

Power is produced by the generator, by rotating magnetic coils along each other. When generator runs out of fuel, it results in the coil getting demagnetized. This eventually halts the production of electric power. In the meantime, the devices that consume power would take out the magnetism off the coils. This will result in costly repairs or perhaps even purchasing a new generator too.

5. Never keep them Idle:

Generators consist of mechanical equipment that shouldn’t be kept idle for long. Doing so can attract dust, dirt, dead insects and other things to clog its parts. If you don’t use your generator for long, run it for at least 30 minutes once every few months.

6. Don’t Fuel it when it’s Running:

Most people tend to fuel the generator directly when it’s running. This is very dangerous and can severely damage your equipment. Yes, there are certain models that allow for direct refueling but there are exceptions to this too. Make sure you turn off your generator before you refuel it and give it some cool down period straightaway. While diesel generators aren’t prone to damage by refueling, petrol generators must be handled with extreme caution.

Once in a while, spend a few minutes inspecting your generator and making essential repairs. Seek the help of a certified electrician in Kansas City for both maintenance and installation.

The author is a certified electrician in Kansas City with more than 4 years of experience handling electric repairs for homes and offices. In this write-up, he offers tips for readers as to how they can maintain their generators effectively. Visit tannelectric.com