How An Effective Cost Containment Strategy is Helpful to Employers

Consistent increase in the costs associated with healthcare has created a new market for various innovative solutions to help employers deal with increased expenses. One of these innovative solutions available is medical cost containment.

Medical cost containment solutions all work together for the good of the injured worker, while positively impacting advantageous program outcomes. ANS Medical Cost Containment Programs are the only true face to face, and end to end pharmaceutical cost containment programs in the industry that genuinely put the patient first, while minimizing the cost of settlement in large loss workers’ comp claims.

Our Unique Process Differentiates Us From The Rest

Some of the tactics employed include:

– Evidence based reviews of medical necessity for prescription drugs
– Consolidation and coordination of drug therapies between multiple prescriber.
– Consideration of alternate medication regimes
– Identification of prolonged duration of therapies
– Use of generics where applicable
– Identification of duplicate therapies.
– Specification of weaning programs for over-prescribed narcotics
– Identification of excessive dosages.

ANS Medical Cost Containment Strategies

In addition to drug utilization review via Pharmacotherapy Review ANS provides a suite of complementary services that allow payers to align other elements of care of the injured worker with the improved outcomes that Pharmacotherapy provides.

These services include:

– Legal Nurse Consulting
– Medical Cost Projection
– Reducing Medicare Set Aside & Part D Exposure

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