Efficient Removal of Oil from Watery Surfaces

An oil spill anywhere is an environmentalist’s nightmare. However, on aquatic surfaces it is not just the flammable risks, but also the threat to marine vegetation and animal lives which makes matters worse. Therefore, it is vital that in case of any oil spill, the grease is removed with celerity. While different kinds of methods have been used over the past few decades, using oil skimmers is a more efficient way to do so.

Choose the Oil Skimmer Wisely
Before choosing oil spill skimmers you need to keep in mind the surface conditions as well as the kind of oil which has been spilled. The presence of debris or ice can clog weir skimmers. Once these skimmers are jammed, your cleanup operation will be threatened.Suction skimmers operate like a domestic vacuum cleaner and perform best on smooth water where oil has collected against a boom or a barrier. Oleophilic skimmers use long belts, disks, or continuous mop chains of oil attracting materials, which blot the oil spill from off the water’s surface. Such skimmers are ideal for water surfaces which are choked with debris and ice.

However, the most efficient oil skimmers are the rope pomp om skimmers which are made up of thousands of individual strands. These strands are capable of holding oils that are 10 to 50 times their weight and work well at below freezing temperatures.They are actuallyvery efficient in cleaning up around stumps, rocks, or pilings. Thenon-oleophilic skimmers are the disc, drum, belt, tube, brush, mop, grooved disc, and grooved drum.

Follow the Horses for Courses Principle

The non-oleophilic skimmers do the same job as the above-mentioned skimmers, i.e., separate oil from water. But their distinguishing point is the component that they use to carry out the separation. A metal disc, belt or drum is used in cases where an oleophilic material is inappropriate, such as in a hot alkaline aqueous parts washer. The hand held oil skimmersare used to recover oil and pollutants where access is severely restricted, such as in drains, manholes and sumps. Moreover, they are suitable for use with a self-priming pump.

The tube oil skimmer can clean a large area of water. It can actually be sent out to the oil sheen by extending the tube further into the water. The area which it can clean is only limited by the length of the tube. Its downside is that it takes up a huge amount of space when it is carried on a boat.Choose the skimmer which is most appropriate under the given circumstances.

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