Expert Tips to Make your New Home Energy Efficient

While building a new home, one needs expert guidance to meet the electrical requirements of the place. While a good electrician will take care of all the important aspects of the home starting from the lighting design to installing the air conditioning, it is in the hands of the home owner to get his expert advice about turning the home into a high energy-efficient haven.

Listed below are some tips from seasoned electricians in order to help you save substantially by implementing some energy efficient features into your new home.

1) Invest in good insulation

Ensure your living space is well insulated as this could bring a significant reduction in energy consumption. Start with the roof (this is the place through which most of the heat is lost or gained) and move onto other external surfaces of the home. Another effective tip would be to opt for double glazed windows for higher energy savings.

2) Plan the lighting system of the home accordingly

LED lights are believed to be almost 75% more energy efficient than the normal lighting. LED lights in fact are no less than the fluorescent bulbs in intensity and add to the aesthetic value of the home too. Talk to your Sydney-based electrician about how you can implement an energy efficient lighting design for your home. You can also consider installation of sensors for smart lighting systems and thus save from due dimming of light wherever applicable.

3) Go green with solar panels

Find a good electrician who can assist you with the installation of solar panels. Solar panels allow your home to generate their own energy which can add to the existing energy source. By installing solar panels, you save significantly on your energy bills and the overall value of your home also goes well. With professional assistance, solar panels can be easily integrated onto the roof and the home owner does not have to necessarily compromise with the looks of the home.

4) Choose your appliances smartly

When building a new home, you are most probably planning to invest in new appliances. Use the opportunity to check for the energy rating of electrical appliances before buying them. For instance, star-rated fridges, high efficiency furnaces and some of the lucrative appliances that bring down the overall energy bill of the home. Home owners can also obtain relevant tips and suggestions from their electrician.

As you build your new home, incorporate these points after discussing the same with your electrician and enjoy great cost savings. Once the home has been set appropriately, practice a few conservative ways of handling your electrical system in order to increment energy savings.

The author of this article is an experienced 24 hour electrician in Sydney. In this blog he offers various tips to make your home energy efficient. Read to know more.