Find Out What is the most Hot in Wall Art on Amazon

Posters: Posters including original vintage-style posters to contemporary posters will be in demand. There are thousands of posters obsessed about eBay from every genre-from classic stars like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean remain popular-as do world renowned art pieces such as Jack Vettriano’s Singing Butler and quirkier posters like Picasso’s The Dog.

Prints: Prints are created with many different types of media, including metal, wood, stone, and silkscreen, each which has a distinct feel and look. Artists often make a run of countless prints through the original media, unlike with paintings. These runs are generally limited to a specific number or are open-ended. Antique prints are particularly attractive to collectors. They’re often illustrations from old and rare books on topics such as architecture, botany, birds, history, and geography. Etching is a method of printing where a graphic is created by using a sharp object, often a diamond stylus over a metal surface coated with wax. The surface is then treated with acid, which eats away on the metal areas that have been exposed. Giclees are high-quality reproductions that endure well over time, created using a digital image of an item of artwork, which might be printed onto canvas or watercolor paper by using a high-resolution inkjet printer that produces loaded color. Found in both original and reproduced art, heliogravures use photographic transfer to produce etchings with a metal surface. Lithographs and serigraphs are two of the more conventional methods of printing and reproduction, involving treating a stone or metal surface, often with a grease pencil, to ensure that ink will adhere just to certain parts of the surface. The image is then printed onto wet paper from the stone. Serigraphy, one from the first ways of printing and reproduction, involves using stencils to push a special paint via a fine fabric screen, originally silk however usually polyester or nylon, to create a photo.

Paintings and drawings: Antique, modern, and contemporary paintings are popular in various media for example oil, watercolor, acrylic. Art Deco, abstract art, gouache paintings, Impressionist, pop art, Realism, and Surrealism are some with the many popular genres of paintings on eBay. Drawings in a variety of media such as pencil, pen/ink, charcoal, and pastel are popular. Buyers are seeking all varieties of paintings and drawings coming from all styles-from the classic look of antique drawings to very modern and contemporary works.

Photographic images: Photographs can vary from classic black-and-white to stunning color and from antique or vintage to contemporary. Reproductions of training from infamous photographers like Ansel Adams remain popular through the years. Historical photographs of years past are timeless and highly sought after. Thousands of contemporary photographs coming from all subjects-nature and animals, cities and building, people and inanimate objects, and more-have been deeply in love with eBay.

Digital art: Art manufactured by the world’s most talented graphic and digital artists is popular on eBay in numerous forms-digital files, canvas prints, posters, and much more. You can even sell services like web templates or logo creation.

Self-representing artists: If you are a selling your personal artwork, try listing under the self-representing artists category, no matter what media you have. Many art buyers like to know they are bidding on one-of-a-kind pieces out of stock anywhere else. This category includes work of various media and forms.

Folk art: Buyers are trying to find works of art by artists who seek to express their cultural and ethnic roots. Pieces change from paintings and sculptures, to carved boxes and hand-made quilts.

Mixed media: Art that uses various media, including some that may not can be found in more “traditional” artwork, including crushed glass or paper come in demand. In this category you can sell imaginative pieces as collages or multi-dimensional paintings.

Sculpture and carvings: Sculptures of shapes and sizes come in demand, whether they’re perfect for the backyard, sit exquisitely on the fireplace mantle, or are sufficiently small to use as a tabletop centerpiece. Sculptures can be created from bronze, stone, marble, wood, and other materials.

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