Five Easy Tips to Choose the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet is a once-in-a-lifetime accessory and no woman wants to compromise on the quality and look of this special design of flowers. Once you find the best florist, take a look at the below tips and customize your bridal bouquet to the most attractive feature of your big day.

Match the bouquet to your wedding attire

The bouquet pattern must be matched to the color, style and shape of the wedding dress. This is to make sure that the bouquet complements the attire perfectly without hiding the silhouette of the dress or looking out of place. For instance, a dramatic bouquet would go well for a wedding gown with a long train. In other words, the bouquet must add to the beauty of the dress without hiding its beautiful, intricate details. It is recommended to choose the dress before meeting the florist and also to carry a picture of the dress during the meeting.

Find out the list of seasonal flowers

Choosing the flowers of the season makes the work easy and less expensive. Also, some flowers are not available through all seasons of the year and hunting them down at the wrong time can be a waste of time and effort. Most florists recommend clients to look through the readily available seasonal flowers and customize the bouquet with the given options.

Give due importance to the colors

Colors are an important part of every wedding. Choose flowers that match the color of your wedding gown and ensure that the flowers are not overpowering your overall look. A simple trick to bring in color cohesiveness into your look is to use the same-colored ribbon as the wedding dress around the stem of the bouquet. The florist will be able to recommend the right type of bloom to match the color expectations of the client.

Add a unique touch to the bouquet

Flowers that have a personal meaning to your relationship can be incorporated into the bridal bouquet. Ask your florist to add some unique accessories like an antique brooch or a lace hanky to your bouquet. Apart from looking classy and elegant, these simple additions will render a unique look to the bridal bouquet.

Make it comfortable to hold

The bride will be holding the bouquet for hours together and therefore the bouquet must be designed with the comfort of the bride in mind. Talk to your florist about how you wish to hold the bouquet and have the bouquet customized to help you relax and feel easy with the flowers.

The author is a professional florist in Charlottesville, VA. She has keen interest in writing informative articles about wedding flowers and floral designs.