Five Facts You Must Know Before Investing in a EV charging station

Electric vehicles are more convenient and eco-friendly than the conventional oil-powered cars. They also reduce fuel costs and have proved to be an economically viable option for many families. While public charging stations are available for easy access, electric cars are easier to use and to maintain when you have your own electric charging station. Before you invest in one, read on and find out some important facts about owning an electric charging station.

1) Have a plan for locating the charging station in your home or commercial space

Some models of electric vehicle charging stations work well when installed indoors while a few others can be situated outdoors. Find out what model best suits your need and have a plan in place before you set out shopping for an electric charging station.

2) Learn about the different plugs, connectors and charging types before you choose a charging station

A lot of technical information goes into determining the right charging station for your space. For instance, there is both level 1 as well as level 2 charging which differ by cost, volt power and the electrical components required to handle the voltage. Then there are the different connectors and plugs that can be matched with different electric car models. Talk to your supplier about these technical specifications before you invest in a charging station.

3) Compare the length of the charging cable to the location where you plan to install the charging station

The higher the length of the charging cable, the more convenient it is for the users. Find out the length of the charging cable and ensure that it can be used comfortable within your set-up. The functional flexibility of the charging cables determines the efficiency of the system.

4) Electric vehicle charging stations must be bought from the right source

Finding the right supplier of EV charging stations can be tricky but is extremely important. Start with a detail research and narrow down the choices based on the reviews obtained by each supplier. The supplier must guarantee the highest quality of products and must ensure that their after-sales service is flexible and prompt. When you partner with the right vendor and find the compatible electric charger for your car, you do not have to worry about post purchase problems.

5) Electric charging stations can be used as a competitive edge

If you are a business and you want to invest in a charging station, remember you can take advantage of it to earn more customers. Leverage the benefits of the electric charging station not just for the sake of your own employees and business partners but use it as a strong reason to attract more customers towards your business.

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