Get Creative & Make your Business Noticeable with Pylon Signs

Installing the right signage is important for businesses to remain competitive and prominent. People got used to certain types of signage that are now simply considered as mere fixtures on the sidewalk. This is why you need to think different, get creative and invest in something noticeable such as the pylon signs. If you’re wondering what kind of an outdoor sign that is, continue reading below:

What are Pylon Signs?

Pylon sign consists of a light box cabinet that is mounted at a specific height. The illuminated LED sign shall be supported by single or multiple steel poles. The highlight feature of this signage is its height that makes ones business visible from afar.

Pylon Sign & Monument Sign Difference

People often get confused between pylon sign and monument sign. Monument signs are close to the ground and some of them might be no taller than about three or five feet. Pylon signs are taller than monument signs and capture the eyes of those who are quite a distance away. Moreover, monument signs are ornamental and add more appeal to your storefront.

The Benefits:

One of the major benefits of pylon signs is its visibility. Pylon signs hardly go unnoticed and are ideal for owners who own huge business buildings. Also, one pylon sign can advertise multiple businesses, thus making it cost effective for business owners to promote their company.

Pylon signs can act as a landmark. A business sign that functions like a landmark can possibly etch your brand in the minds of people. When people notice the sign, your business advertised in it will also be noticed.

Because of its height, pylon signs that are installed in highways can get the attention of drivers and passengers in the vehicle as well. So, tourists who are looking for an accommodation can see your pylon sign advertising your hotel, after which they’ll decide to check into your hotel.

Pylon sign is one of the most effective, yet affordable business sign that generates results. Contact a leading signage manufacturer today and opt for pylon signage!
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