Go from naive to expert level internet marketer through SupportingAds

Go from naive to expert level internet marketer through SupportingAds

Top marketers of Clickbank are making hundreds of thousands of dollars each month. But, how do they do it? How do they
manage to make such huge sales. If you’re like me you’ve probably tried every way possible but had little to no success.
By now you’ve discovered that to make big sales, you’re going to need more internet traffic –that is visitors
to your website. And I am sure many of you, just like me, have used hundreds of different types of software that claims
to send traffic to your website. Unfortunately, we learned the hard way that none of the software did any good.

So now what?

One day I received an email from one top marketer asking me to test his software before he launched it. I didn’t have anything
to loose and even thought this may be my opportunity learn the inside secrets to gaining internet traffic. So, I gladly accepted
his offer and started testing his software. I was very dedicated and honest with my reviews as we kept in touch daily to report
any likes or dislike I might have had.

Once my testing was over, I hit him with my question, “How do you guys get so much traffic that results in so many sales?” I even
shared with him my story on how I had tried to market Clickbank products and how I failed to make any money. Believe it or not he
answered with just 3 little letters and a smile.

By now I’m sure you are wondering what those 3 little letters could be. Well, wonder no more! It’s PPC. That’s right; they get
all their money making traffic exclusively from PPC! I signed up immediately with Google Adwords and started a campaign. In 3 days
I could not manage to get even 1 impression to my ads so I hired an Adwords professional freelancer who tweaked my ad campaigns
and within the next 3 days I had money in my Adwords account, and there was even a couple of sales in my Clickbank account.
Although this sounds like good news, the reality is that I paid $500 for Google Adwords and $100 for the Adwords professional
who tweaked my ads. This meant that I spent $600 total and my total Clickbank commission was only $50, what a huge loss.

I wrote my top marketing friend explaining what happened and asked him to explain where I went wrong. He emailed me back recommending
that I use SupportingAds.com. When I went online and checked them out, I discovered that SupportingAds.com is a PPC network just like
Google Adwords except that SupportingAd.com was much easier to use. It was also much cheaper as the initial payment was just $25.

All-in-all, the time I’ve invested with SupportingAds.com has been much better than with Google Adwords, as it less than what I
paid and I received much more traffic than what I received with Google Adwords. The end result of my first campaign with
SupportingAds.com was a $25 investment in advertising and a total commission from Clickbank of $80. Although it wasn’t a huge
profit, it was a good sign of success.

When I asked my marketing guru friend about the possibility of improving my earnings, he told me that SupportingAds.com has a
feature where I can put the affiliate links (the hop link) directly in the ad campaign. With this, I do not need to have a website
and I can also create as many as 5 different campaigns with the same $25 payment—promoting different products. He also told me to
examine the product I am trying to promote, before deciding to promote it, as not all products can be sold. He added that I must
make sure that the product is useful to the majority of people, with an acceptable price, and it must have a good convincing sales page, etc.

After lots of trial and error, and by following my guru instructions through SupportingAds.com I am happy to say that I am now a top
internet marketer!

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