Heavy Equipment: Saving Time, Money, and Precious Resources


If you’ve been weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a brand new crane, forklift, industrial truck, or any other large-scale piece of machinery, it’s worth your while to take a closer look at the benefits and advantages associated with renting as opposed to buying such equipment outright.

Circumvent the Pricey Initial Costs

Regardless of whether you happen to work in the construction industry, agricultural sector, or material-handling niche, it’s important to note that purchasing heavy equipment is wildly expensive and will create a huge strain on your bottom line. Additionally, you’ll have to account for depreciation and amortization expenses down the road, which is why this type of long-term investment is so imprudent in today’s financial climate.

Decrease Your Maintenance and Repair Expenses

If you partner with a reputable crane service Alberta, for instance, you’ll be able to avoid the ongoing overhead expenditures associated with purchasing new equipment since your rental agency will be responsible for performing repairs, oil changes, component replacements, and any other maintenance requirements throughout its life cycle.

Project-Specific Options

One of the chief benefits of reserving a construction equipment rental Alberta is the fact that you’ll gain immediate access to a wide range of alternative apparatuses to account for any type of project. From fuel trucks and rig mats to rigging equipment and even crawler cranes, you’ll be able to establish a comprehensive rental plan for the exact machinery you need from job to job.

Eliminate Storage Concerns

If you schedule a crane rental in Alberta, for example, you won’t have to allocate large amounts of space to store the equipment, nor will you have to pay for an expensive warehouse or depot. Your rental partner will work with you to establish time frames for your project and assign suitable storage solutions for the duration of your lease or rental.

Transportation Is Included

Renting equipment also allows you to avoid the exorbitant, time-consuming process of shifting the machinery from site to site, which is particularly helpful if your project is in a remote area or far-removed from your company headquarters. Today’s equipment rental agencies specialize in facilitating these logistical necessities and can tailor a specific plan to account for the unique complexities, issues, and complications posed by your work site.

Purchase Agreements Available

If you identify a particularly integral piece of equipment that you need on a consistent basis, you can request a comprehensive quotation and purchase the equipment from your rental agency. Such a quotation allows you to test equipment in a risk-free manner and decide whether a long-term investment is truly worthwhile.

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