Hiring an Event Planner? Ask These Questions!

It takes experience to be able to make people dance, sing, drink and enjoy a night! That’s what event planners do. It’s their job to ensure that everything is taken care of and that the stage couldn’t have been better set for the party / event. It consequently suffices to say that hiring a good event planner will get the job done. They take care of everything from the venue, the decoration, the catering, the stage, the performances lines up, the lighting, the music, the manpower, the security and even thing like backup power and consultation with the authorities when necessary. Well, all you got to do is ask these questions that the best people come working for you.

1. How would be taking care of the venue of our event?

If it is upon the event planner to choose you the perfect venue, this question should answer it and more. The choice of venue will depend upon your exact theme of the event plus the number of guests you are expecting, the performances lined up for the event, and other things that have a say on the choice of venue. This question should also answer what type of lighting, decorations and service they would be facilitating in the venue.

2. How long do you need to put everything into place?

The planning phase of any big event is more complicated than putting it in motion. During the latter, you already know what things need to be done but when planning; you are still weighing choices and options. Experienced event planners in Ireland will however find it easier to understand events and organizing it as the client demands.

3. What makes you better suited to the job?

Every top event planner in Ireland has some core competitiveness behind its success. Well, this core competitiveness can actually be a strategic advantage to your event.

4. How do they handle emergencies?

Depending on the exact theme of the event, there could be several things that can push forward an emergency. It could be related to electrical, security of the venue, medical emergencies and others. Top event planning agencies will always have an answer to tackle and come out of these emergency situations.

5. How do you manage budgets?

Budget sanctioning is one of the first things that help an event succeed. It will be helpful if you can decide the planning elements that get a priority when it comes to budget allocation. That way, you know where the event planner seeks to do cost cutting.

The author has been associated with the event planning in Ireland for more than 20 years. Having arranged some of the most lavish parties in his times, he is considered to be a legend in his fraternity in Ireland. For more details, visit http://www.fabweddings.ie/